TECH-11 Introduction To Industrial Maintenance & Troubleshooting


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Monday & Wednesday 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Sep 16, 2019 to Dec 04, 2019

Minimum Enrollment: 4


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The course would include the basic skills and knowledge needed for the maintenance of modern factory machines and processes. The ability to read and interpret control schematics will be developed. Emphasis would be given to the use of diagnostic tools such as the digital multi-meter, clamp-on ammeter, insulation resistance tester (megger), stroboscope/tachometer, and thermal probe. Also the course will include detailed troubleshooting techniques and failure analysis of industrial electrical and electronic components including switches, relays, transformers, motors, power supplies, and simple control systems. Students who successfully complete this course would be able to troubleshoot and repair simple industrial equipment and processes.

NOTE: This course would qualify for a 40% rebate from the Vermont Training Program for qualified employers who subsidize the cost of tuition for incumbent workers in this course and who successfully complete the class.