About the Regional Advisory Board

The goal of the Stafford Technical Center Regional Advisory Board is to assist the school board operating the technical center in providing the best possible technical training and to maximize the available opportunities and potential of students and adults while at that same time taking into consideration the needs of the emerging technical workforce. To help in achieving this goal the Regional Advisory Board advises the Rutland City Schools board , and reports on meeting(s) results to both the school board and to the Commissioner of Education.

The RAB is composed of a minimum of 19 members drawn from education, business, industry, the community at large, and various State and local organizations. As stated in the by-laws, at no time can the membership drop below 51% business/industry representation. The bottom line is, the RAB is always on the outlook for new members who are willing to bring their skills and experience to the table and help sustain and grow the success of Stafford.

Governance of the RAB includes a chair, vice-chair and such other officers as the RAB may deem desirable. The chair presides at all meetings of the RAB, and may sign all letters, reports, and other communications of the RAB.  In addition, the chair performs all duties incident to the office of chairperson and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the RAB.

Meeting minutes can be found here

Much of the work of the RAB is done by its standing committees:

Executive Committee – Committee membership includes, but is not limited to, the chair and vice-chair of the RAB, each chair of each committee developed by the RAB, the director of Stafford Technical Center, and the Superintendent of Schools of the Rutland City Public School District.  Members serve in an ad hoc manner at the discretion of the RAB with duties as specified by the RAB.  The Executive Committee meets as needed.  Additional members can be added by the RAB

Program Committee – Composed of the STC director, K-12 Liaison, Curriculum Coordinator, a sending high school principal or his/her designee, Regional Advisory Board members and 51% business representation the Program Committee’s functions include:  day program evaluation, program certification, program development, satellite location development, providing a forum for input from employers, STC students and potential students, identification and consideration of existing models, program recommendation, and identification and utilization of outside resources as necessary for development, financial management (including state funding), facility management, student enrollment and projections, identification and obtainment of alternative funding sources.

Outreach Committee – Composed of the STC director, STC staff as necessary, a sending high school guidance counselor or his/her designee, Regional Advisory Board members and 51% business representation this committee’s functions include:  developing a marketing plan, developing outreach materials with marketing program students, developing and supporting events for guidance, middle and secondary instructors, and compiling data and labor information to share with students and parents.

Finance Committee – Composed of the STC director, the STC assistant director, Regional Advisory Board members and other representation as determined by the chairman of the RAB, this committee oversees the critical task of helping to compose each year’s budget, presented to the Rutland City Public School board each year, and assisting in the financial management of STC.

The RAB and its committees meet regularly during the school year at the Dollhouse Restaurant on the STC Campus. Please refer to the STC calendar for upcoming meeting times.

RAB Membership

Community Organizations:
Judy Geiger – Killington Pico Ski Resort Partners LLC
Brennan Duffy – Rutland Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
Tyler Richardson – Rutland Economic Development Corporation (REDC)
Wendy Morse – Department of Labor

Business Members:
Kirk Shields – Green Mountain Power
Blair Enman – Enman Kesselring Consulting Engineers
Jim Eckhardt – Censor Facility Services
Mallory Ezequelle – Omya Inc.
Aaron Pratt – General Electric Aircraft Engines
Robert Buzzell – Siliski & Buzzell, a Division of Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs, P.C.
Scott Richards – Rutland Regional Medical Center (RRMC)
Bill Ackerman – Green Mountain Marketing and Advertising

David Younce – Mill River Unified
Debra Taylor – Rutland Central
Marsha Bruce – Rutland Northeast
Judith Pullinen – Rutland Southwest
Adam Taylor – Rutland Public Schools
Brook Olson-Farrell – Addison Rutland

School Board Members:
Richard Wilson– FHUHS
Open– West Rutland, Proctor Poultney
Michael Blow– RCPS
George Ambrose– Mill River
Mary Jo Teetor– Poultney
Barry Varian– OVUUSD
Peter Giancola– MSJ
Open – Proctor

Community Member/Higher Education:
Ginger Gellman – Community College of Vermont

Student Representatives:
Greg Godda (Proctor/ Electrical/Plumbing)
Jessica Grover (homeschool/ Leadership & Marketing Culinary Arts)
Jared Poczobut (Mill River/ Leadership & Marketing Culinary Arts)

Committee Assignments

Executive Committee:
Jim Eckhardt– RAB Chair
Jim Eckhardt– Chair Outreach Committee
Mary Jo Teetor– Finance Committee Chair
Adam Taylor– Host District Superintendent
Glenn Olson, Director– STC
Melissa Connor, Assistant Director– STC

Outreach Committee:
Bill Ackerman – Chair
Cindy Dunigan (Advisory)
Lori Cillo (Advisory)
Mallory Ezequelle
Jim Eckhardt
Ginger Gellman

Program Committee:
OPEN – Chair
George Ambrose
David Younce
Jim Eckhardt
Joan Paustian
Scott Richards
Randy Ouellette
Cindy Dunigan
Debra Taylor (liason from Finance Committee)
Darlene Miglorie
Adam Taylor
Lori Cillo

Finance Committee:
Mary Jo Teetor – Chair
Peter Amons (for Adam Taylor)
Marsha Bruce
Bob Buzzell
Ron Ryan
Ernie Smalley
Debra Taylor