Public Safety Services Program masters Haz-Mat Certifications

Cantlin Eaton receiving Haz-Mat CertificateEight, first year students in the Public Safety Services Program at Stafford Technical Center recently became certified at the awareness level in the area of hazardous materials.  Chief Robert Schlacter of the Rutland City Fire Department was the instructor of record. 

The Public Safety Services Program serves individuals who may be involved in emergency services-fire, police, rescue, and other related occupations such as corrections, courts, and dispatching. Those first responders are at the most risk of to be involved in a hazardous materials incident involving a truck crash, train delrailment, and spill or explosion in an industrial facility. 

There tens of thousands of potentially hazardous materials that first responders may encounter. Some may be flammable, corrosive, radioactive, explosive, cause burns or are infectious.  A number of these materials are classified as dangerous, and have more than one risk associated with it. 

The students who demonstrated their mastery of this course and received national certification were:

Ashley Barnes and Daniel Ball-RHS, Jo Lilly-Poultney, Cody Hesse and Justin Cram-Otter Valley, Cantlin Eaton, Kayla Jones, and Nate Hance-Mill River. Cantlin Eaton scored 100% on this difficult examination.