RAB Meeting November 20 2017

The meeting was called to order at 8:01 am

In attendance:
Glenn Olson, Melissa Connor, Bill Lucci, Cindy Dunigan, Mary Moran, Tyler Richardson, Kirk Shields, Jim Eckhardt, Mallory Ezequelle, Scott Richards, Blair Enman, Aaron Pratt, Marsha Bruce, Brook Olson-Farrell, Judith Pullinen, Debra Taylor, David Younce, Chris Wideawake, Student reps: Maddie Morse, Jacob Crockett, Eric McDonnell


Motion was made and approved to accept the minutes from September 28, 2017, meeting [Mary/Scott]

Student representatives reported that the Dollhouse is open for the year and booked through January. The cosmetology salon has undergone rebranding and is now called Salon at Stafford and is also open for the year.
FY 2019 Perkins request Motion was made and approved to accept the Federal Carl D. Perkins grant for FY19 to use in support of the operation of Stafford Technical Center with an anticipated award amount of $259,942. [Debra/ Marsha]

FY19 Budget Motion was made and approved to accept the FY19 budget as presented with total expenditures of $4,951,588 resulting in a total tuition of $15, 457 [Marsha/Debra]
Marsha, Deb, and Mary all expressed thanks to Melissa for her hard work with the staff to keep expenditures low and for her overall work with the budget.

Equipment Grant Motion was made and approved to accept the FY18 Vermont State Equipment Grant in support of equipment purchases at Stafford Technical Center in the amount of $27,647.05 [Mallory/Chris]

Outreach: Cindy reported that Rutland Town and Poultney 8th graders have visited and Mill River 8th graders are currently visiting. Roadshow dates are being set now, and our new school commercial is ready to be run on tv and streaming for recruitment season. Adult Education and day programs got together and purchased advertising at the Rutland Flagship Cinemas that will start running in early December including during the new Star Wars premiere.

Program Committee: A motion was made and approved to accept the Program Review Procedures that will be used to set action plans for programs when enrollment drops below a set rate. [Mary/Chris] Mallory asked if the procedure numbers included adult education. Glenn explained that it includes adult day students but not night school programs. Debra asked if any programs were below a 75% enrollment currently. Human Services might be close to that. Glenn stressed that the Program Review Procedures include steps to improve enrollment.
NEASC Update: Bill Lucci and Lisa Fennimore shared the School and Community Profile Summary that will be shared with the NEASC team for our upcoming NEASC Decennial visit. Also shared was the full itinerary for the visit. Please note the change in dates from previously shared documents. The visit is scheduled for November 4 through November 8th, 2018. Lisa will be the editor of all reports that will be shared with the team. Bill thanked Lisa for offering to help in this way.

Director’s Report Glenn thanked Melissa for her hard work on the budget documents. Glenn reviewed the positive feedback received on the Legislative breakfast. The current students, alumni students, and parent provided positive stories of how Stafford enriched their lives. Glenn stressed the point that many of our students do go on to post-secondary education. Mary spoke of the many pathways to success, including, but not limited to, college.

Stafford staff are all taking part in a professional development focused on literacy through MAX teaching.

Glenn reported on the Vermont Talent Pipeline Management, an organization that is focused on providing a qualified workforce for Vermont. Currently, they are focused on construction management but will be branching out into health services and advanced manufacturing.

Old Business None
New Business None
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 am