STEM Academy at Stafford

The mission of the STEM Academy is to provide students with a course of study which is essential for success in today’s global economy. Rooted in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, students will blend advanced technologies with 21st century skills through project-based learning that is interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. STC STEM Academy students will engage in authentic hands on learning experiences in 21st century learning environments that prepare them to become successful agents of innovation in today’s dynamic global workplaces.

Who We Are
Rutland County is an economic region that creates its own success.  Like any successful business venture, those involved must have a proactive strategy that is flexible to the changing needs of the global marketplace.  At Stafford Technical Center we believe that we are an education and training bullet on the economic development resume of the County.  Our role is to support families by providing education and training that will lead to high skill, high demand, high paying careers.  These careers are part of a strategy linked to local business and industry.

Stafford’s roadmap intends to leverage public support and corporate partnerships to develop educational facilities and programming that will provide for long term economic sustainability for the Region.

Facts Concerning Rutland County

  • In 2011, the United States Census Bureau indicated that there were 2,935 jobs related to manufacturing in Rutland County.  According to Jamie Stewart, Rutland Economic Development Corporation Executive Director, since 2011 this number has increased.
  • According to the Census, the annual payroll in the manufacturing industry in 2011 was $156,000,000.
  • Economists point out that payroll is multiplied by 3.5 in relation to the number of times that each dollar is reinvested locally, equaling $546,000,000 in Rutland County in 2011.
  • Rutland County is the second oldest County in terms of the age of residents.

The Rutland Region does not currently have…

  • a transportation system that supports speedy and cost effective access for manufacturers to transport product to major markets.  Lobbying continues in this area.
  • low cost sources of energy such as natural gas.  Recent projections target 2020 for the arrival of Natural Gas in the Rutland Region.
  • a fabrication lab facility that is flexible to the needs of current and future business and industry.

The Rutland Region has…

  • a local network of colleges that provide for post-secondary education.
  • a network of non-profit organizations dedicated to the support of business, industry and social service needs.
  • a base of highly skilled employees who are long term residents.
  • a local technical center that is closely connected to Vermont Technical College and is responsive to local training needs.

Stafford Technical Center operates and/or supports the following programs in support of manufacturing in the region:

  1. the Stafford Welding School
  2. the GE Tool Maker Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with VTC
  3. the Electronic Technician Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with VTC
  4. the Stafford Commercial Driver Training School for A and B licensing

With the launch of the STEM Academy at Stafford Technical Center, Stafford is positioned to support industry leaders with education and training in engineering, product design and robotics.  STEM is the project based blending of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with skills required of the industries that will encourage sustainability and growth in the Rutland Region.

The STEM Academy will require an investment in facility renovations at Stafford Technical Center that will support equipment for skills training in robotics, laser cutting, 3-D modeling, electronics and welding.

To learn more about the STEM Academy at Stafford Technical Center, please contact Fieh Chan STEM Coordinator at 802-770-1068 or [email protected].