Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is a partnership between the Stafford Technical Center and community employers which allows students to participate in related career awareness and work experience programs.

A training plan is developed between the cooperating employer and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Darlene Miglorie, ([email protected]) which enables students to expand their occupational skills under the employer’s guidance and gain an understanding of the employer’s expectations. Students acquire job-related experience while receiving high school credit. Additionally, Stafford provides job placement services and refers students to other appropriate agencies that offer comparable support.

Darlene Miglorie has been at Stafford Technical Center since the fall of 2005. She earned a B.S. in Business Education at Castleton University. She has a wide variety of experiences in business and education including the roles of financial analyst for General Electric, business teacher at MRUHS, computer science teacher at RHS and now Work-Based Learning coordinator. In addition, Darlene is married with three children and is an active member of the Rutland City community.

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