Academic Programs

In addition to a technical program, students can take necessary academic classes at Stafford Technical Center or Rutland High School. Stafford has a limited offering of both college prep and general academic classes. These classes are listed below. RHS classes are too extensive to list here. Students are only able to take an RHS class if the class is not offered at STC and if there is room in the class.

STC Academic Course Offerings:


Literature & Communication A, B, C (2022-2023 is section C)
Public Speaking (0.5 credit)
Writing Workshop (0.5 credit)
Film as Text (0.5 credit)

Scales for standards assessed in English


Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Personal Finance

Scales for standards assessed in Math

Social Studies:

U.S. History (2)
Current Issues

Scales for standards assessed in Social Studies


In addition, students can fulfill credits through several structured independent study courses.

Students who meet prerequisites may be able to enroll in Leadership and Marketing.
Scales for standards assessed in Leadership and Marketing

Stafford Technical Center students also have the Rutland High School Library and Information Center available to them. Check out the hours and resources available at the Information Center on their web page – RHS Information Center.