Guidance and Special Needs Services

Students at Stafford Technical Center are fortunate to have two school counselors looking out for them. In the counseling office, students can receive assistance with academic, social, and emotional issues as well as receive assistance with career and college planning.

The CTE School Counselors are also responsible for new student applications, visits to the center, registration, and scheduling. Students may make appointments through their guidance office. Please contact the Guidance Coordinator via e-mail or phone with any questions or concerns regarding scheduling classes and/or applying to Stafford Technical Center.

In addition, the Guidance Coordinator also collaborates with each student’s sending school Guidance Counselor to ensure that the student’s needs are met. The counselor at the partner high school remains the student’s primary counselor.


Melissa Theis, CTE School Counseling Coordinator
(820) 770-1031
[email protected]



Lorin Gides, Career & Technical Special Needs Coordinator
(802) 770-1046
[email protected]