Why Stafford?

If you are reading these words, you have taken the first step toward a rewarding career. Rapid advances in technology are making significant changes in the way we live. The workplace is changing as businesses strive to compete in the global marketplace. You can use all of these changes to your advantage as you prepare for the future, and Stafford Technical Center can help.

When you speak with Stafford Technical Center students, you may hear them say that five ingredients make up the “Stafford Experience.” You will hear the words trust, responsibility, fun, freedom and professional relationships. Students will point out that they are trusted to be responsible for state-of-the-art equipment as they take part in rigorous programing. Each curriculum is intended to support you like a ladder toward further education in college, or further training in your chosen field. Our programs either allow you to work toward college credit while you are in high school, or provide you with the opportunity to earn an industry certification or license that can be immediately relevant and helpful in opening doors to employment.

Most students will also point out that the “Stafford Experience” is fun. Students discuss the freedom they feel as they pursue independent projects and as they chart their own successes. Some of their accomplishments may surprise you. For a sample of what Stafford students can achieve, you need to look no further than this web site. It represents the talent and hard work of a team of students, bringing their own creativity, acquired skill and team-building knowledge to real-life experience.

If you are looking to chart your own career course, look to Stafford Technical Center.