COSM-03: Stafford Signature School of Cosmetology (Level 2)

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Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and Alternating Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sep 15, 2024 to Mar 09, 2025

Minimum Enrollment: 10

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Product Description

At the Stafford Signature School of Cosmetology our future professionals are prepared for careers in the beauty industry as licensed cosmetologists in the state of Vermont. Students are guided by our Learning Leader through two levels in our Cosmetology Program beginning with Level 1: Core, and continuing with Level 2: Adaptive and Creative. Students will assume more advanced techniques and build real-world practical skills and confidence as they progress through each stage of our program.

Level 2: Adaptive and Creative will continue the learning and work that was completed in our foundation course. More time will be spent in the classroom and on the clinic floor where future professionals will practice and begin to perfect the fundamental skills learned in Level 1: Core. Adaptive level students will work on live models in a school-based salon environment under the watchful eye and support provided by their Learning Leader. Creative level students will focus on students being able to expand their skills by discovering, appreciating and acquiring their skills by learning more advanced and creative techniques. Students prepare to become “salon ready” by working more independently with a pace and in conditions that are similar to those they will encounter in a salon. Students can expect to develop both confidence and speed in providing all levels of cosmetology services to appreciative customers including learning how to conduct client consultations which focus on delivering only the best client-service experiences. Students will also build professional credentials by building a resume and portfolio while also preparing to take and pass the Vermont state licensing test through a Prometric Test Center.

Technical, Professional and Practical Areas Covered in Level 2 include:

  • Practice on live clients in a school-based salon environment
  • Understand and practice inventory and product controls for retail sales in a salon
  • Further enhancement of all cosmetology skills under the watchful eyes and support of your Learning Leader
  • Working independently with clients under the supervision of your Learning Leader
  • Develop speed and confidence in providing excellent service
  • Prepare professional credentials (including resume and portfolio) in preparation for a successful job search
  • Prepare to take and pass your Vermont state licensing test through a Prometric Test Center 

YOUR LEARNING LEADER: Michelle Daigle has been an enthusiastic and skilled cosmetologist operating her own business–Cutting Edge Salon–since 2000. She is a graduate of the Vermont College of Cosmetology in Burlington, Vermont, and has stayed at the top of her game by taking the opportunity each year to continue her own education and training through a variety of classes and workshops related to her field. Michelle discovered her love for teaching when she supervised two apprentices who she helped earn the supervised hours needed to earn their Vermont cosmetology license. Both are now working as skilled professionals in the field. Michelle was instrumental in helping to develop this local cosmetology program for working adults in the Rutland County area, and is thrilled to help Stafford Technical Center recruit its first cohort for a Spring, 2022 launch!

PREREQUISITES: Students enrolling in this course must have successfully completed COSM-02: Core 1 and have earned the required number of hours needed to proceed with this integral part of of Stafford Signature School of Cosmetology program.

REQUIRED PERSONAL RESOURCE:  All students will be expected to own a laptop or other device so as to be able to access all of the Pivot Point instructional materials both in class and at home.

LEARNING RESOURCES AND SUPPLIES: Students will continue to utilize the e-textbook and online laboratory resources via our educational support provider Pivot Point. Students will also use the resources in the Novice Kit they received in Core 1 and which will continue to be used throughout the education and training program provided by the Stafford Signature School of Cosmetology.

FINANCIAL AID: All students are encouraged to explore the financial aid opportunities that are offered through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). Several grant programs can assist you in meeting the costs associated with enrolling in this and the other modules that you will need to complete in order to  be eligible to sit for your Vermont state licensing examination. Please use this link to gain direct access to contact information for our VSAC Outreach Counselor. Vermont Financial Aid Opportunities – Stafford Technical Center (

OVERALL PROGRAM GOAL: Students who successfully complete this comprehensive 1,000-hour program of curriculum, theory, and clinical experiences will be prepared to sit for the Vermont state licensing examination offered through Prometric Test Centers, an internationally recognized third-party testing service located in Williston, Vermont, Concord, New Hampshire. They will a written and practical examination that is aligned with the testing standards endorsed by the Vermont Secretary of State Office of Professional Regulation (OPR).

Please be advised that Stafford Technical Center ATE does not guarantee employment after students complete this training program nor does it provide access to school-based career counseling or employment placement services. When appropriate, referrals are made by STC program staff to local employers and state government agencies that can assist eligible candidates in developing a strategy for employment.